Crowley & Co. has been honored to work with longtime client NEHI (formerly the New England Healthcare Institute) to create murals that depict their vision, mission, goals and policy initiatives — once in 2010 and again in 2015. The original graphics are four feet high and six feet long. Small reproductions enable team members to take their vision with them wherever they go to speak about the important work NEHI is doing with a broad range of stakeholders. 

This image was created based on several live client meetings. The vision mural format focuses on outcomes, showing the steps to reach them and illustrates the various influences that impact NEHI's goals.

In 2015 NEHI embarked on a journey to create a new vision and portray their strategy for expanding their focus from New England to a broader policy role in the United States. NEHI was so successful in leveraging the 2010 mural to engage members and other stakeholders that we used a similar process the second time around.


*Banner artwork by Deirdre Crowley.