The Ministry of Health of Tanzania

In 2011, in partnership with Deloitte, Deirdre Crowley graphically facilitated a two-day strategic planning off-site in Dar es Salaam to create a vision for the Ministry of Health regarding the use of mobile technologies to support healthcare throughout the country of Tanzania. More than seventy representatives from public, private and non-profit sectors attended the meeting. 

The sessions were highly interactive, provided ample opportunity to hear from each individual in both small and large group formats and resulted in task teams with clear action plans for moving forward to accomplish the overall goals of the vision. 

The use of visual tools supported equal participation and communication across countries of origin and a variety of dialects. 

The agenda included, but was not limited to the following: 

  • An introductions landscape that allowed for a big picture overview of the sectors that participants were representing; 
  • A history map tracking the use of mobile devices in Tanzania over time, people / organizations involved, the challenges faces, lessons learned and outcomes achieved; 
  • An environmental scan to look at the current forces and challenges affecting healthcare in Tanzania; 
  • A SPOT matrix to look at the strengths, problems, opportunities and threats associated with the use of mobile technologies for the improvement of healthcare; 
  • A draft vision (see photo); 
  • And finally, four Graphic Gameplans® to map the path forward with clear targets, roles, tasks and success factors. 


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*Banner artwork by Deirdre Crowley.