Take a look at some of our talented graphic recorders in action.

THRIVE WEEK - SHADY GROVE FARMERS MARKET: On June 26, 2019, the Montgomery County Planning Department stopped by the Shady Grove Farmers Market to talk to residents about Thrive Montgomery 2050. Graphic Recorders: Lucinda Levine and Renatta Pastorino. Video courtesy of Montgomery Planning (M-NCPPC).

PROMISE & PROGRESS: A time-lapse video of Crowley & Co. Associate Jim Nuttle's graphic recording of “Promise & Progress: New Frontiers in Cancer Drug Discovery” from the 2019 Johns Hopkins Medicine Dean's Symposium.

2018 MANDELA WASHINGTON FELLOWSHIP FOR YOUNG AFRICAN LEADERS: Participants from the IREX Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders Summit break out in song in front of a graphic recording created by Jim Nuttle, Crowley & Co. associate, in August 2018. The live graphic recording captured the pledges made by the participants on how they will honor Nelson Mandela’s legacy when they return home.

MONTGOMERY 4 CONFERENCE, 2018: Crowley & Co. Associate, Jim Nuttle, creates a graphic recording at the Montgomery 4 Conference, May 2018. Video courtesy of Montgomery Planning (M-NCPPC).


Photo Credit: Banner artwork by Joe Azar.